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“We did it,” Sunny said, relieved.

It was understatement to say that Princess Sunny was happy. She was ecstatic beyond words, overcome with a huge wave of euphoria and relief. Having just crowned Thorn Queen of theSandWings, the war was finally over.

It's over,she kept thinking to herself.The war, the fighting, the death, broken families, broken hearts... it's all finally over,thought Sunny, a smile on her face, still in joyful disbelief.

“We really did it.”

The other four dragonets were smiling, too: Clay, with his wide and adorable grin; Tsunami, trying to hide her emotions but ultimately leaking a small happy face; Glory, with scales pink in ecstasy; and Starflight, with his signature, goofy grin. Sunny had always loved that grin; as annoying as Starflight was, she couldn't help but admit that his smile was so f*cking cute.

“What now?” Sunny asked the group.

Well,I should probably head back to the Rainforest,” Glory – nowQueen Glory –pointed out.

“That's a good idea,” Clay chimed in, agreeing.

“Yeah...” Starflight sighed. “We all could use the rest. It's been a long week.”

And off to the Rainforest the dragonets went, for Glory to fulfill her queenly duties and for the other four to take one day without worry of theSandWingSuccession chaos. Sunny stayed closest to the blinded Starflight, to help him fly on course with the other dragonets. Often, they brushed wings for Sunny to signal that they were on track, and when she did that, she caught theNightWingblushing softly.

It wasn't that long ago when Starflight had confessed to his crush. Sunny was still thinking about his words in the tunnel to the Night Kingdom. Sure, he was cute and his grin was adorable, but his constant lecturing and nervousness was quite annoying.But he does care about me,Sunny's mind insisted.He loves you and he'd do anything for you.

True,the other side of her mind said,but wouldyou?

And this was the dilemma Sunny constantly thought about with every breath, every wingbeat until she landed in the Rainforest, where an obnoxious pink dragon was there to greet her.

“Hello, Glory!” he shouted.

Jambu,recognized Sunny.Glory's brother, if I recall correctly.

“And the other dragonets, of course.” Jambu chuckled. “You're just in time for Breeding Night!”

“Breeding Night?” Clay questioned, flustered and confused.

“Yeah,” Tsunami agreed. “What's that?”

Sunny, confused as well, just stared at the much-too-excited face of theRainWing.I don't know what that is either.She looked at Clay, Tsunami, and Glory, all with equally perplexed expressions on their faces, but Starflight had a sly smirk on his.I wonder what that's about...

Jambu smirked. “It'll be reallyfun.You'll see. Just be there at sunset!”

A little confused, Sunny made a questioning glance at the excitedRainWing, even more confused as to where exactly “there” was, but decided to shrug it off and wait until evening to find out what exactly this Breeding Night business was.

“So,” Glory exhaled. “What now?”

Glory wasn't really one to show emotion, and she often tried to hide it – a “good value” of a queen, as Grandeur had once put it – but her scales screamed otherwise. Since the night before and through now, her scales had been a radiant, bright pink: a color of joy, jubilant ecstasy that Glory rarely showed. But hey, she just ended awhole f*cking war,so what was there to not be happy about?

“I don't know,” said Sunny. “You have queenly duties here... but for the rest of us, I really don't know.” TheSandWingshrugged.

“Well, we could wait for this ‘Breeding Night’ thing that Jambu suggested. He said it's ‘fun,’ emphasis on the fun, whatever that means,” Clay added.

“I suppose,” said theRainWing. “Starflight, what about you?”

Glory looked towards Starflight, who apparently had no comment. He buried his face in his talons, so Glory could not see his face, but she saw what was left of his mouth make an awkward look. He was blushing a bit, too, something Glory took note of.

“Starflight...” she suggested. “You look like you know something...”

“Nothing!” he responded, a little too quickly. “I mean, I don't know what Breeding Night, or anything else is here, really.”

Suspicious,she thought. But she eventually shrugged the thought off, turning her attention back to the rest of the group.

The dragonets continued to talk for a while, discussing the War, their victory, making small talk, and of course, the evening would not have been complete without a good amount of Glory teasing Tsunami about Riptide.

Eventually the sunset came over the Rainforest, the sun's yellow and red rays spreading through the towering trees, a soft and cool breeze rustling the leaves. It was time.

The five dragonets walked out of the small hut they were resting in, with Glory leading in the front. Few dragons were out at this time, so Glory assumed that this ‘Breeding Night’ gig was in the main part of the village.

And that's where Glory led the group, both equally excited and nervous. A short way away from the village, Jambu stood in the dragonets’ path, still with his bubbly pink-hued scales and overly-goofy grin.

“Hey Jambu,” Glory greeted.

“Queen Glory,” Jambu said. “And Sunny, Clay, Tsunami, and Starflight. Welcome to Breeding Night.”

“Enough of this sh*t,” Tsunami hissed. “What, exactly is this Breeding Night business?”

“Well,” he explained. “Twice a year, precisely one day after the Brightest Night, after sunset–”

“Just get to the f*cking point already!” Tsunami shouted.

Jambu sighed. “It'sRainWingmating season,” explained he, “and every so often we have a tribe-wide orgy. So basically, tonight you just have to find a dragon and f*ck them.”

The five dragonets stared at Jambu, shocked, mouths gaping. Well, four of them, for Starflight seemed oddly unfazed at this.As if... he was expecting this,Glory suggested internally.But this would explain the... tingling sensations I felt in my lower region and–

Her train of thought was interrupted when Jambu shouted, “Come on!” as he motioned for the dragonets to follow him. Despite the intense awkwardness of the situation, Glory found herself following theRainWing, still with that odd excitement, and the other dragonets did the same.

Tribal orgy, here we come!

Breeding Night - Chapter 1 - fanwing_1200 - Wings of Fire (2024)
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