She Just Can't Help Herself - And Response (7) (2024)

I’ve decided that she just can’t help herself.

In response to a Chattanooga African American Clergy press conference outside her top floor office suite, DA Wamp interrupted her weekly pedicure to grab the spotlight.

Although she accused these black men of faith as “race-baiting”, it was our DA that accused our black citizens for an increase in “black on black” homicides. Our young Black Creek Country Club DA took her opportunity to dress down these men of faith. Men twice her age. In public.

But according to FBI statistics, “black on black” homicides have actually decreased.

Nevermind. Our DA admitted on the Brian Joyce Show on 102.3 that she didn’t believe in the FBI numbers. She would rather rely upon her palm reader in the yellow house on Brainerd Road.

At her impromptu mic-grab DA Wamp then took aim at disgraced Ex-Chief Murphy. Although our DA recused herself in the Murphy fiasco, she was quick to take this opportunity to twist the knife a little deeper.

Please, Coty. Show a little humility. Mercy. We are not all as perfect as you.

C. Mark Warren

* * *

I find Mr. Warren’s un-factual assault on District Attorney Coty Wamp very disturbing. Concerning the resignation and criminal charges brought against Celeste Murphy, DA Coty Wamp was correct to recuse her office from prosecuting these cases because she is required to have frequent dealings with the Chattanooga Police Department. She is fully aware that other charges could possibly arise against other members of the department from the continuing TBI investigation.

Concerning the black pastors staging a protest stating the charges against Celeste Murphy were unjustified, this is a direct attack against law enforcement, the TBI and the entire Judicial system in advance of the public presentation of evidence. Had the chief of police been a white person, they most certainly would not have been protesting. It seems to me those so called ‘pastors’ will complain about anything so long as they receive news media attention.

Celeste Murphy was an embarrassment to the city of Chattanooga and deterred police officers from enforcing the laws. It’s an absolute disgrace the policies she put in place created the necessity for the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department to enforce the law in Chattanooga to stem the violence those policies encourages.

My advice to Mayor Tim Kelly is to reevaluate the no pursuit policies that allow criminals go free to commit more crimes. Also, Tennessee is not a No-Fault Accident state like Georgia and those traffic accidents your police officers are not investigating create civil liability for the city.

I support District Attorney Coty Wamp and her excellent performance of duty since she took office after being elected by the majority of voters in Hamilton County.

Michael Glenn

* * *

The obsession that C. Mark Warren has with the Wamps would actually be funny if it weren’t so obviously creepy.

The DA dressed down these men of faith who are “twice her age” deservedly so. Not only did she dress them down she called them out for their hypocrisy.

C. Mark Warren, try getting involved instead of criticizing. I know you don’t darken the doors of the criminal courts but maybe you should so you’d learn something about what’s actually happening there.

Jeff Foxworthy may have the best response for you Mr. Warren, bless your heart.

Mike Cox

* * *

So doubting Mr. Warren based on his blatant political agenda again our D.A., I decided to plug some info into the FBI‘s Uniform Crime Reporting Database.

In 2022, 97 percent of all black homicides were committed by a black perpetrator.

In 2023, 94 percent of all black homicides were committed by a black perpetrator.

So while both the D.A. and myself were potentially wrong in our assumption, the problem is blinking bright right red in front of any rational persons set of eyes.

Reducing the black on black homicide rate is the number one way (by a significant margin) to significantly reduce the overall homicide in the Scenic City and also nationally. Arguments otherwise are disingenuous or uniformed.

But I’ll play their game.

In 1983, the black on black homicide rate was at 88 percent (also pulled from their FBI statistical database).

So the black on black homicide rate has actually risen by 6 percent over the last 40 years.

The stat that C. Woke Warren and Redlight Joyce are attempting to cherry pick does not remotely prove the “systemic” truth they are trying to project.

Christopher Charles

* * *

While I would not take the same approach that Mr. Warren took, I agree with him that Ms. Wamp's response was not the best one she could have made. The Hamilton County DA is supposed to support the citizens of Hamilton County, as stated on that office's webpage. Therefore, each and every citizen who approaches or has dealings with that office is entitled to respectful and honest treatment, and that respect, courtesy and honesty extend to the local pastors whose opinions Ms. Wamp obviously did not share. Ms. Wamp wisely and correctly recused herself from the case and should make a courteous and distanced response to anyone who approaches her or expresses an opinion about it.

One of the respondents, Mr. Cox, stated that Ms. Wamp's angry speech and disrespect was "deservedly so." No, it was not. I also disagree with the respondents who brought up statistics about racial breakdowns of crime - these statistics may be appropriate for a discussion of criminal activity and prevention, but not for the discussion about Celeste Murphy's resignation and indictment. The information released by TBI stated that the indictments were due to allegations of non-residency and voter registration, among other things - no mention was made of crime rates or Ms. Murphy's performance in preventing or not preventing crime in Chattanooga.

A seasoned and respectful response to any and all citizens of Hamilton County is a reasonable expectation of any elected office holder and staff.

The disrespectful and nasty treatment of others may be very popular in this divided country today, and indeed, is encouraged on the national level by one presidential aspirant, but it is never right.

Tim McDonald

* * *

Christopher, FBI statistics actually show intraracial homicides (homicides within ones on race, committed by same members of that race) are basically equal and stand at over 90 percent.

Now, someone will likely jump in and use that old worn, "but blacks only make up a much smaller percentage of the population than whites."

Brenda Washington

* * *

Mr. Charles, it is very interesting that you omitted other ethnicities when including African-American crime statistics in your response.

It is common for individuals to commit murder or assault against those they are acquainted with. These percentages are consistent across demographics, with only minor variations, yet the focus on black-on-black crime perpetuates the stereotype of the dangerous black man. I concur that the African-American community homicides, and indeed all homicides, must be addressed by tackling its root causes, which I believe will not happen in this city.

While I think Mr. Warren's posts are often extreme, I agree that as a legal professional and a leader in our area, Ms. Wamp could have responded differently or not at all; retaliation is not fitting for someone in her position. Ultimately, crime is all horrible; it is detrimental to our city and the country we cannot pick and choose which is worse due to who commits it and must all be confronted.

Without addressing the underlying issues of poverty, mental health, anger, drugs, and hate, there will be no change.

Christopher Cooper

* * *

A longtime and highly successful and respected attorney in town told me a longtime ago to never trust a lawyer who does commercials on top of a semi truck. Even if he is a Tennessee Volunteer alumnus.

He is a wise man indeed.

Ron Owens

She Just Can't Help Herself - And Response (7) (2024)
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