What Happened To Common Sense? - And Response (2) (2024)

The Tennessee legislature, under the chokehold of the Republican supermajority has banished common sense.

We the people wanted sensible gun control. Did we get it? No. The Tennessee GOP made the disastrous decision to punish those who would advocate for us. i.e., the two Justins and our brave Gloria, hopefully our next US senator. Fortunately, these three Democratic State House representatives prevailed despite the Tennessee GOP efforts to oust them.

We the people wanted equal resources for our neighborhood schools so no matter where a child lives, they will have the same opportunity to succeed. Did we get it? No. Our Republican governor pushed for statewide charter schools that can (and do) discriminate. Thankfully he did not succeed.

We the people wanted prison reform that operates on the premise of reform, not punishment for minor offenses. Did we get that? No. The "for profit” entity, Corrections Corporation of America got the thumbs up. The more they incarcerate, the more money in their pockets.

We the people wanted voting rights restored to those who have repaid society for their wrongs. Did we get that? No. Delay. Justice delayed is justice denied.

We the people wanted sensible policy for women’s healthcare. Did we get that? No. We got a most draconian policy that punishes not only the woman seeking help but the healthcare worker who provides services or any citizen that helps in abortion issues.

We the people wanted our legislators to discuss and debate and look for solutions to many issues, such as healthcare. Tennessee ranks 42 out of 50 states, even worse than our education ranking. Did we get that? No. They wasted time and our tax money that pays their salaries advocating for punishment for adult cabaret performances, voter fraud and ways to purge voter rolls (seen as voter suppression) and who knows what else.

We the people have the opportunity to change this, by voting Democratic for your county circuit judge, school board and your legislative representatives. Local elected officials’ decisions affect our daily lives in so many ways. Vote Blue on Aug. 1/ Early Vote July 12-27, and Nov. 5.

Sue Carol Elvin

* * *

According to an article in the TFP in February of this year, Sue Carol Elvin has lived in Chattanooga for five years. So she is telling us what we want from our state? Republicans have overwhelming majorities in the Senate and House so I think the citizens have spoken at the ballot box as to what we want from our leaders. (certainly not to say I don't disagree with some of their actions)

She also uses ,"selective," statistics in her letter. She says we rank 42 in health care, which is true, but then she says we are even lower in education. Not true according to the article in US News, we are 31 in education. She also doesn't mention we are 12 in economic opportunity, 5 in fiscal stability, 21 in infrastructure and 22 in opportunity.

Speaking of education, if you took out our two biggest school school districts, Davidson and Memphis/Shelby which are run by Democrats, our ranking would be a lot higher. Memphis in # 97 and Nashville #76 according to Niche.

You want to put Democrats in charge of Tennessee. There is one city that is overwhelmingly run by Democrats and that is Memphis.

The most dangerous city in the US is Memphis, Tn. With a population of 628,127, Memphis has an overall crime rate that is 317 percent higher than the national average. Memphis has 9,764 crimes per 100,000 people, with an exceptionally high violent crime rate. If we didn't have the Democrat cesspool that is Memphis we would probably move up at least 10 spots.

You want to raise a family in Tennessee? Don't move to Memphis, which according to Wallet Hub is the worst city in the country to raise a family. Memphis is #182 out of 182 cities ranked; 152 for family safety life, 182 for health and safety, 168 for education and 170 for economic opportunity.

So yes, let's by all means put Democrats in charge of our beautiful state. I would suggest to Ms. Elvin and others who don't like it here, the old Lewis Grizzard advice. If you don't like it here, "Delta is ready when you are."

Douglas Jones

* * *

If the collective "We the People" of Tennessee wanted this laundry list of liberal legislation there would not be a Republican supermajority in Nashville.

This Republican supermajority was one of the top five reasons we chose to relocate to Tennessee. I hope and pray they stand firm.

There are 49 other options out there.

Chris Linstruth

What Happened To Common Sense? - And Response (2) (2024)
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