Top 5 ‘Good’ loyalty schemes (2024)

Written by Lori Campbell on 17th Feb 2021

If you want to be more conscious of how much you spend (and where) in 2021, it’s worth picking up the perks of a customer loyalty card.

From using your grocery shopping to afford a holiday to saving on furniture, home DIY and planet-friendly stationary, here’s our top 5 ‘Good’ loyalty schemes.


If your food shopping bill has gone through the roof during the pandemic, don’t despair – it might just help towards affording a holiday or visiting family members once travel is allowed again.

A new partnership between Nectar and British Airways means that Nectar points (both new and existing) can be exchanged for Avios. Each 400 Nectar points, which is the minimum you can convert, equals 250 Avios.

Special offer

To celebrate the launch, you can earn double Nectar points on Sainsbury’s shopping until 19 April 2021.

The partnership comes shortly after British Airways announced it was ending its existing scheme with Tesco Clubcard.

Avios can be used towards British Airways flights, upgrades and more. If you’re not planning on travelling and would rather swap your air miles for shopping, the deal also works the other way round.

Avios customers can now swap their existing air miles for Nectar points to spend with Sainsbury’s or other brands including Argos, eBay, Sky Store, Vue and Habitat.

Customers earn at least one Nectar point for every £1 spent at Sainsbury’s supermarkets, eBay, Argos and more, as well as one point for every litre of fuel bought at Esso or Sainsbury’s petrol stations.

Top 5 ‘Good’ loyalty schemes (1)

To boost your Nectar balance further, check out the weekly offers in the Nectar app. These include weekly bonus points on the products you buy most at Sainsbury’s, as well as offers from a selection of the 300+ other Nectar partners including fashion, home, travel and business brands.

To convert points, simply link your Nectar and British Airways Executive Club accounts through either website. If you are not an existing British Airways Executive Club or Nectar member, you can join either for free (you can register for a Nectar card here, via the Nectar app or by picking up a card in a Sainsbury’s store).

Avios don’t expire as long as members collect, use or purchase at least one air mile every 36 months. It’s also worth knowing in these uncertain times, that if you change your mind about a flight (or it is cancelled), you won’t lose your Avios.

Co-op Membership

When you buy selected Co-op branded products in its food stores, five per cent of what you spend will be put in your Co-op Membership account.You can then spend this on almost anything in the store (not just own-brand products) – or choose to donate your rewards.

The Co-opwill also give the same amount to support community organisations and local causes. By joining Co-op for £1, you’ll receive personalised offers and discounts. This includes an exclusive discount on Co-op services, like insurance and legal work. You can choose up to two offers a week through the Co-op app.

One drawback is that you won’t earn points on a number of things from Co-op stores including fuel, postage stamps, cigarettes, clearance items and carrier bags. You can see the full list of excluded items in their T&Cs.

IKEA family card

With home solar solutions, veggie hot dogs and kitchen fronts made of recycled plastic bottles, IKEA sets an increasingly good example on sustainabilty.

As an IKEA Family member, you get exclusive access to discounted member prices on selected IKEA products as well as workshops, home ideas and a free tea or filtered coffee Monday to Friday. When you swipe your card at the checkout, you’ll receive free ‘Oops assurance’. This means that if something breaks during transport or while you assemble your IKEA furniture, they will exchange it for free.

For products eligible for a discount, look out for the blue IKEA family labels in-store.

B&Q Club

Through its One Planet Home initiative, DIY stalwart B&Q isworking hard at being a responsible retailer while helping its customers to enjoy more sustainable homes.

If lockdown means you’ve got stuck into some DIY or new house projects, a freeB&Q Clubmembership means you can earn extra rewards and discounts when you shop with the store.

New members will automatically be emailed a voucher for £5 off a £30 spend at a B&Q store or online, so it’s definitely worth joining if you’re planning a new purchase.

TheB&Q app alsohas all its latest offers and a barcode scanner to bring up product info while shopping in the store.

If you’re aged 60 or over, theB&Q Diamond Clubhas all the same benefits as the standard B&Q Club membership plus a10 per cent discount on gardening products every Wednesday. However, it is currently closed to new members.

Paperchase Treat Me

Paperchase sells planet-friendlypaper products made only from FSC-certified or sustainable sources. It also recently banned glitter that is not biodegradable and has committed to parting ways with plasticwherever possible across its products, packaging and online deliveries.

If you’re buying cards or stationary, the Paperchase Treat Me scheme can earn you discounts and freebies as you shop – with no points involved. It’s free to join and the more you spend in Paperchase, the more ‘treats’ you earn. You also get extra perks on payday weekend a free £5 spend on your birthday (with no previous purchase required) and a free delivery upgrade online.

Also, when you buy seven greetings cards in 12 months, you’ll get one free.

Top 5 ‘Good’ loyalty schemes (2)

This article is sponsored by Nectar.

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Top 5 ‘Good’ loyalty schemes (2024)
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